Privacy Policy EN

Tazi Politics for credibility is described as Wanted Club Central, personal information, collected through the website, as well as through the module for online reservations. You are not concerned about information through other channels. Crawl our web site, we’ll say that we’re going to eat, use and raskrivaneto information on Vashata, as it is announced in the tazi of the politician. In case you don’t be afraid to say something, praying don’t crawl to the website.

The type of information that can be used is:

Information for the contact: name, email address, telephone number or postal address, in case of any power supply.

Demographic information: gender, age, preference for the name.

Information about staying at the guest: dates at the barn and zamanavan, purchase of services, special desires and preferences, in case you send a reservation.

Information for the raincoat: credit card number, in case you reserve it online.

Information for a business or company: a contact or friend has information for your business, in case of organizing an event or in case of your employees or mediators using their own corporate profile, they will work with us.

Information for the crawl on the site: Can you teach me more for the information for your interaction with the site, for how to set up and manage it in the nashat?

Start picking up on information:

Information, please, provide: in case you can reserve online or contact us.

Automatically through biscuits: in accordance with the current legislation, from crawling the technologies of kato biscuits for the collected information for you, on an anonymous basis.

From a third of the country: from the chorus, suppression and acting on your behalf – how they rule the reservation for you, from the social network, delivery of services for advertising and analysis.

With kakva whole gathering information:

From crawling information, for and on the basis of your power supply: Also from the crawling information, for yes we will provide a service, they said, for example, we will process the received power supply for a hotel reservation.

From crawling information for the selection on the site and services, as well as for the analysis of the effectiveness of the site: Perhaps, from crawling your information, for yes we will offer services from us and work on the site.

We use information for marketing purposes: We can supply information for new services and offers. We can cite your information for and present with advertisements for our offers. Before we fix the marketing effectiveness, Vasheto will receive an agreement with the help of the legislation. By the way, you can read more for Vasheto’s speech and how can you control.

From crawling information, for and communicating with you: We can and we will send with you on the occasion of your reservation or downing.

From the crawl information and on other beginnings, the permission and the effective legislation.

Shared with information from a third of the page:

We will share the information from the processing company of one third of the country, who will be able to select services from our name. We will share information with the company, which will not help you and the site manager, you will be able to analyze it, tsachki, koito act from our name, partner kato sotsialni mrezhi, koito extort promotions and advertising. For yes, teach me more, praying, glaze Politics for consuming biscuits.

We will share the information, for yes we will save the legislation or for the whole and we will protect ourselves si, clients si or others. We will share the information, for yes we will dissuade for eating a commandment or as an excuse to legally seek from the country to the public authorities.

Imate right, yes tell Vasheto

You may refuse and receive marketing emails, but you may receive messages from the transaction, including dissuading your feed.

You can control the biscuit and follow the technology. For yes, teach how to manage a biscuit and other similar tools, praying to use the nashat Politics for using biscuits.

You can also control the instruments on your mobile devices. You can also disconnect the location or push notifications from the mobile device you are using. These settings depend on the type of device.

Standard measurements for sigurnost

Consumers under 18 years of age: The site is designed for self-growth. Nyamame for intact and sbirama information for children up to 18 years old, with koyato can be identified without permission on the technical parent or infusion.

Linking to a site on a third of the page: We do not carry an excuse for a site on a third of the page, which we are ruling over, or for technical politics. Ako click on the link to the site on the third country, praying you will read the politician for trusting another site carefully and choose yes yes crawl or not.